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ALFA is a company operating on the Polish market since 2007..

The key point is the production company's offer and sale of Alfa - product having excellent effects on human health and beauty.

We invite you to read the information on the properties of the components Alfa, as well as the opinions of people who are convinced of its beneficial properties and effective action.

Alfa Company ran for Sick Children

Alfa Company was a partner charity run under the slogan "Cancer uBIEGnij" ASW Run for Cancer Research, organized by students from the American School in Warsaw. The event, which aimed to help children affected by cancer and their families took place on Saturday, May 19, 2012 in a park in Powsin. The event was an excellent opportunity to integrate the whole family, and helping those most in need, ward Foundation Friends of Children's Health Center. After completing the course, each participant received a commemorative medal in the marathon and a bottle of ALFA.